ArtNexus, 28 - February - 2012

Group Exhibition: Here, There


Here, There is the title of a group exhibition curated by Santiago Rueda that resulted from the Macro/CEC/Idartes 2011 international residency for curators, in which a group of 12 contemporary artists from Rosario participated. The show centers on organic life-and death-architecture, science fiction, and subjective narratives and anti-narratives narrated through video.

All the works in the exhibition include references to the influence of technology in our lives, with an emphasis on reflections associated with the use of digital media as the reason, pretext, or vehicle behind the project, as the works included in the exhibition are part of the last decade of artistic production of each of the participating artists.

In pieces like Terror, Muerte y Amor (Terror, Death, and Love), Carlos Herrera-winner of the Petrobras 2011 ArteBa-Buenos Aires-Argentina Award-continues to work on a series of recent reflections about death and the disappearance and decomposition of the flesh. In Venganzas (Revenges), Noëlle Lieber presents a series of drawings that depict deco women violently attacking-without ever losing their elegant tranquility-manga men at the receiving end of devastating blows. In these works it would appear that, rather than gender vindication, the artist is actually more interested in the very nature of emotions and the flesh. On the other hand, in Shoot to Kill Versión Bogotá (Shoot to Kill Bogota Version) by Alejandra Tavolini, the work is characterized by the constant mockery, through stuffed toys, of the art system. It is a subtle reflection on the relationship between artists and their creations and the psychic and physical energy that such creations require. These and other works included in the exhibition offer a possible recent archeology of the art that relies on digital media; it is a subtext that can be observed both in the graphic pieces as well as in the video works.


General view, in the background the work by Alejandra Tavolini (Dianas). Shoot to Kill, 2006. Print on paper. 50 x 50 cm

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